Little more than a post of randomness, let's try to shoehorn two bits of greatness into one cogent set of paragraphs here. Firstly, my favorite game review line of the year so far, from the October 2006 issue of Computer Games Magazine.

It's actually written by Kelly Wand, who is reviewing CSI: 3 Dimensions Of Murder by Telltale, and who explains helpfully: "The game offers an appealing variety of scenarios. One set in the videogame industry involves a game designer who lives in his car and puts scorpions in the beds of his colleagues, which is obviously inspred by Sid Meier." Bravo, Sir.

Secondly, Jeremy Parish has added a fun blog post in which he notes: "So it appears that Will Wright, or at least a poorly-drawn caricature of him, will be working in an advisory role for players in Sim City 3000 for DS. Or as Kohler puts it, he'll be playing the part of Dr. Kawashima." So that's two evil (or just evil-looking) digitized game developers in one day, yikes!