I know we already mentioned Seaman 2 briefly, but it's been pointed out that 1UP has some more information on the PS2 game, including screenshots of the awesome faux-documentary introducing it.

It's explained: "The premise in Seaman 2 remains largely the same -- you're still supposed to interact with a virtual pet -- except that this time around your creature is basically a mini neanderthal man. As the story goes, a species of these prehistoric mini-men were found to have lived in Peking China. A company in Moscow took their bones and created a factory to clone them and mass produce them as pets. 3,000 of them have been created so far. You're one of the lucky first to have one of them."

What's more: "The game was introduced in the form of an infomercial from the Russian company selling these men. A salesmen pitches you on buying one of these pets and shows how it could enrich your life." Completely awesome - and let's not forget that this marketing style actually helped make the first Seaman into a significant success in Japan - can it work again?