related romance is nothing new these days – hell, half of you are probably thinking about how best to get that feisty level 46 Night Elf on WOW to give you her number even while reading this. VH1’s Raina Lee posts about her own heart-warming story of gaming love, from 15 years ago:

“The year was 1991. His name was Chris, he was 15. His most attractive quality was that he was some kind of Nintendo Tournament champ. Chris responded to my posting on whether or not it was possible to play US CD games on a Japanese PC engine console. He not only knew the answer (yes, they were interchangeable), but in his first email uttered these sexy words: “I think gameplay is more important than graphics!” At 14, I believed I had found my soulmate.”

Their relationship continued via fax, hitting all the important topics – “why Vanilla Ice sucked, Beverly Hills 90210” - but came to an unfortunate end at the hands of her parents: “They took away my letters and forbade me to ever contact him.”

But is there a happy ending still on its way? “I found the curly fax paper years later,” she concludes. “And I wonder if Chris is still out there playing import games.” Anyone know this mystery man?

[edited by alistairw, picture via 4 color rebellion]