Being a bit of a synaesthesia fan, I couldn't be happier with Tetsuya Mizuguchi's output of late, what with music modes in Gunpey and the upcoming Lumines Live and Lumines II - well, now has posted the 'Heavenly Star' music video from Lumines II for PSP, and it's uber-gorgeous.

I note that a recent 1UP preview explains: "One special song and video that Q producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the development team collaborated on is a track called "Heavenly Star." This will be a difficult skin for many people to complete, simply because the song is so insanely catchy (it sounds like a mix between Daft Punk and something off the Xanadu soundtrack) and because the video, which heartwarmingly portrays the singer as an alien from space looking for love on the planet Earth (and by "alien," we mean a beautiful young woman), is so alluring."

It continues: "The video for "Heavenly Star" was designed by renowned Japanese visual team Glamoove and was, according to Mizuguchi, inspired by the classic video "Take On Me" by the Norwegian pop group a-ha. You'll have to see "Heavenly Star" to appreciate it, but it's simply stunning." More 'Take On Me' J-Pop video pastiches, plz!

Of course, there's lots more Mielke-tastic Lumines soundtrack fanboy love over at 1UP, if you want more gushing but well-written context. [UPDATE: Ah, I see Mielke has made a lengthy blog post about the video, also identifying the song as composed by Genki Rockets.]