We've previously commented on Jeff Minter's new Xbox 360 Live Arcade, which may or may not be called Space Giraffe, but whatever its moniker, spotted some new details that the great Yak has been spilling on his blog.

Firstly, there's the price: "Nah, this is going to be cheap as chips, 400 MS notes and it'll be all yours :)" So that's just 5 of your Earth dollars, then - a good deal! There's also good news on add-ons for Minter's own sound-to-light 'Neon' software that's built into the Xbox 360 itself.

Minter explains: "You'll also get new Neon effects supporting the webcam input as unlockables. That's to make up for the fact that MS stiffed me on doing a proper new version of Neon to truly support the cam, and instead have done some half-assed thing where they just superimpose some cam effect layers over existing Neon. I figure that was a bit rude, so I'll put some proper cam-Neon stuff in the new game by way of schooling };-)." Wow, camera-activated psychedelia? Count us in.