The observant among you may have spotted that I posted a new Gamasutra editorial on the Xbox 360's chances in Japan, after attending the company's pre-TGS briefing yesterday.

Some highlights: "The 90 minute briefing, helmed both by Takashi Sensui, General Manager of Xbox Japan, and in parts by an ever-ebullient Peter Moore, was intended to show that it was business as usual in terms of Microsoft's Japanese strategy. And, in many ways, the company's admirable intent is still in place - but the results are starting to show, and it simply hasn't worked so far."

And there's more: "Now, let it not be said that Microsoft aren't going about things the right way by recruiting Sakaguchi to the cause, and there is certainly good support to a certain degree from major Japanese companies including Capcom and Bandai Namco. But it looks increasingly to me, from seeing the shelves in Tokyo game stores filled with Western-created games for the first Xbox, that the company's Xbox 360 efforts are being undone by what has gone before."

My conclusion? "Moore notes that Japan is "one of the most critical regions for our business" - well, the next few months will be a final chance to get the console off life support." Aw, poor MS. More from Tokyo Game Show (which starts tomorrow!), uhh, tomorrow.