The merest hint of drama in the game blogosphere sends the fanboys ravenous, and if you've been keeping up, this one is a doozy - Joystiq blogger Robert Summa originally posted a teaser earlier this week about "a scoop for some important news with one of the next-generation consoles".

This led to all kinds of crazed frothing on the Internet - which pretty quickly turned to wrath when it turned out the announcement was just the IBM 'Broadway' CPU for the Wii being shipped to Nintendo, not exactly front-page news. (As for being 'a scoop', everyone on IBM's game press list, including GSW sister site Gamasutra, was offered the info under embargo - but that's a whole other issue.)

Anyhow, the aftermath of this was that original Joystiq hyper Summa ended up being fired from his contract job blogging for the AOL-owned blog (what does that pay nowadays - $15 per post or something?), and is now ensconced over at the uber-tabloid (but quite fun!) Destructoid, where he posted a rant-ish post about his Joystiq departure.

His take? "I feel Joystiq takes themselves WAY too seriously and that’s evident in their over-reaction to the fan over-reaction to my post. Was I wrong in teasing to later events? Maybe, but that’s all subjective isn’t it? And let me tell you, my purpose was not to create undue hype or bring traffic to the site. All I wanted to do was let the readers know they could come to Joystiq for the news and not some other site. Where’s the wrong in that?" Where's the wrong, guys?