It appears to be Labor Day in North America, and while we're luxuriating and not, uhh, laboring, we were highly amused by eToychest's latest ' Schwag Attack!' column, named 'Foxes On A Plane'.

As eToy-er and Gamasutra news guy Jason Dobson notes: "While I put the finishing touches on our late (but oh so delicious) Star Fox Command review, I thought I'd share some of the goodies Nintendo was kind enough to send along with the game. I know I've said this before, but Nintendo PR is creative, and nowhere is this more evident than in their video game schwag. Be it chocolate or hamster food, we've seen all manner of goods arrive at our office stamped with the Nintendo seal of approval."

He continues: "However, Star Fox Command's arrival marked the first time we have ever been sent a barf bag. Yes, in celebration of the game's release, Nintendo sent over an appropriately labeled Star Fox air sickness bag, and accompanying Star Fox Command bags of dry roasted nuts. I suppose if playing on the Nintendo DS ever gets too nauseating, I now have the tools for the job."