Hm - we're not really bored of random, glamorous Scandinavian girl gaming teams yet, so let's pass on this particular gem: "LES SEULES, the internationally acclaimed and cutting-edge group of female gaming champions, announced today the launch of their world tour with their first United States stops in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles."

My God, their official website is incredibly high-end Flash bollocks, and Alice has blogged about them before, but there's more: "Champions of the most popular online game 'Counter-Strike, ' played by more than 100 million people worldwide, LES SEULES will be revamped into the best-trained and focused team in a male-dominated gaming world during their tour. "PLAY US" is the first-ever documentary series to concentrate on the life experiences of gamers rather than the games they play. Their tour spans across several continents and visits ten international cities. In addition to their domestic stops, the team will visit Tokyo, Shenzhen (China), Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Paris and London. "

Anyhow: "LES SEULES will be making public appearances for gaming aficionados at the following U.S. locations: NEW YORK CITY : Thursday, September 7, 4pm, The News Cafe, 107 University Place... LAS VEGAS : Tuesday, September 12, 4:30pm, The Aladdin Resort & Casino... LOS ANGELES: Sunday, September 17, 10am, Cyber Java, 7080 Hollywood Boulevard." Oops, we missed the first one, but if any GSW-ers make it to the other ones, perhaps you could check in. We presume they won't be holding real guns in their personal appearances, though.