We've previously covered the Christian-themed RTS Left Behind: Eternal Forces, and are now being bombarded with enthusiastic press releases ranting about the game's release.

Apparently: "More than 10,000 retail locations are expected to carry LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces... Additionally, inspirational book stores across the nation have also indicated strong interest based upon the success of the LEFT BEHIND novel series." So this is an announcement that the game is _going_ to be popular? Riiight! But there may be some explanation for this optimism.

Over at Marketwatch, there's a 'Stupid Investment Of The Week' article by Chuck Jaffe dealing with, wait for it, Left Behind Games' publicly traded shares. He notes: "Two weeks ago, the stock more than doubled over five days. Next month, the company will start selling its new product. Sometime thereafter, management is expecting to start reaping big profits. It all adds up to the reason why the broker is suggesting you buy in now. But in the case of Left Behind Games, a California company about to release a video game based on a popular faith-related book series, what's being sold is a Stupid Investment of the Week."

Why so? Well: "Left Behind has spent more than $12 million in operating expenses since 2002 and has no revenues to show for it. The net loss was more than $2.6 million for the most recent calendar quarter and 60% of the firm's working capital was spent over the last 12 months... Even when the product hits shelves, it will be months before the average investor can draw any conclusion about whether the plan, which sounds so promising, has a real chance for success." Agreed - Left Behind may be nice folks, but investing based on this single make-or-break product would be pretty dangerous. Man, it must be tough being a Christian investor when stocks like these are around.