[GameSetWatch is extremely proud to debut this latest scoop from veteran game journalist Joseph 'BUZZ' Berkley. Not content with pioneering the video game journalism scene as we know it, he's getting down and dirty with the latest HOT video game rumors, laying them to rest once and all - no namby-bamby 'BOGUS' or 'NOT BOGUS' guessing here, since Buzz is the original font of knowledge, and we're not talking Times New Roman, OK?]

RUMOR: With the PS3 right around the corner, Microsoft will be launching a third SKU for the Xbox 360. In a move that will shock many, rather than dropping their prices, they will have a more expensive model to attract the Idiot With Too Much Money demographic. This model will come with the HD-DVD add-on, and an even more gigantic hard drive. They might also throw on some gold or something. Anything to drive up the price.
VERDICT: Raising your price to give a sense of exclusivity and class is a time-tested sales technique. It worked for Lexus.

RUMOR: The Nintendo Wii will be released on November 15th, plus or minus 45 days, and might be as cheap as $175, but possibly more. Probably not less, though.
VERDICT: Based on all the confused and apparently ill-informed guessing from publishers and merchants, as well as the details Nintendo themselves have slipped, we’re able to nail the Wii release info down pretty firmly. You can bank on it!

it's entirely true.
RUMOR: Dead Rising is the best game on Xbox 360.
VERDICT: This is totally true.

RUMOR: The PS3 will be shipping without an HDMI cable.
VERDICT: It turns out Sony had an official announcement about this before we were able to go to press with our Buzz Rumor Roundup. Still, it was pretty cool that I knew this two days ago!

VERDICT: As a general rule, Nintendo invests in other companies without purchasing them outright. RARE, for example, was largely held by Nintendo, but was never a wholly owned subsidiary. However, they did buy Retro Studios.

RUMOR: The PS3 is being delayed not because of problems with the Blu-ray laser, but because the aptly named Cell processor is based on illegal Stem Cell technology.
VERDICT: This rumor doesn’t really make any sense, since the PS3’s processor has been seen by dozens of people, and it’s repeatedly said that the architecture is very similar to eight of the hyperthreaded vector engines from the PS2 running in serially beautiful parallel. However, when we contacted Sony for comment, they refused to deny the rumor. You know what we say, here at the Buzz Rumor Roundup: “Not saying ‘No’ is a lot like ‘Yes.’”

PS4?RUMOR: The PS4 will require surgery in order to install the Optic Nerve Upload Server, or ONUS, which will send display images directly to the extrastriate cortical areas of the brain.
VERDICT: For the last time: NO. I don’t know how this rumor was started, but it’s simply absurd. Any direct access to a users nerve system will be done near the base of the spine. It’s a far less intrusive surgery, and the results allow the game to send signals to all areas of the brain, rather than tacking simple video stream into the optic nerve.

['Berkley's BUZZ' is a regular column from veteran game journo Joseph Berkley, whose illustrious career extends from the formation of Video Game BUZZ Monthly back in 1982 all the way to the founding of seminal teen game mag 'GameBUZZ - For Kids!' in 1992. More recently, he was a regular columnist for much-loved late '90s game mag Big Important Thing, and the author of self-help manual: 'BUZZ Says - Less Drugs, More Games!' His column appears regularly on GameSetWatch and is rarely true. He currently lives in Lacuna, Illinois.]