Talking of ex-Gamasutra news editor and current Atlus localization guy Mr. N. Maragos, he's popped up at Insert Credit reviewing the manual to Cooking Mama DS in a terribly arch style.

Firstly, he loves up the credits: "Not only is it fascinating to me to see how other outfits divide up the labor, but any list of names past a certain length will yield some real winners. My favorites come from Majesco's QA division: Onix Alicea deserves (his? her?) own J-RPG, possibly by Tri-Ace, while Hunter S. Gollum evokes Tolkien gone Gonzo."

And the terrible conclusion? "Points off for the following: the paper's funky smell when you first open it up, writing "salisbury steak" in lower-case (Salisbury is a proper noun, guys!), slipping in a cryptic mention of apparent wireless multiplayer without ever really explaining how that works, and calling the freestyle cooking mode "Use Skill". (That last is an issue with the game, not the manual per se, but it's still irksome.)" Don't let it happen again!