I thought we'd covered visual novel translation site before, but can't find a link - no matter! Anyhow, the site just completed al|together 2006, a group translation project for multiple freeware Japanese 'visual novels' for PC - the list of completed games is on the front page of

These is absolutely excellent work, because there are all manner of great Japanese dojin circles doing visual novels (think 'often romance-related interactive text adventure stories'), largely unknown in the West - translated highlights include Iinstant Death! Panda Samurai', which has a pretty cute art style, and the complex-looking 'At Summer's End' ("At summer's end, we change our grades; the season changes into autumn; the leaves change color; but what of our friendships and our loves?")

Likely the most interesting to you crazies will be 'OMGWTFOTL', though, of which it's explained: "Now, finally, the lunatic novel game which received enthusiastic applause from ... an incredibly small number of rabid Japanese fans ... comes to invade the English-speaking world! This piece will have you going OMG, WTF, and OTL all at once -- and as such it is entirely not appropriate for those under the age of 18 or those with delicate sensibilities. Consider: at different times, it features things like tentacle beast rape, kamikaze suicide attacks, and clubbing baby bears to death with crowbars." That's all you need to know! [Semi-via Fort90.]