Since I also have a subscription to the rag in question, I noticed this too, but JVM at Curmudgeon Gamer actually bothered to scan it - the New Yorker's latest cover has video game references on it, blimey.

JVM notes: "My wife brought me the latest New Yorker magazine (dated Sept. 4, 2006) while I was waiting for my CT scan on Friday, and I was amused by the cover. The cartoon shows a kid walking to school and a color map of the various sections of his brain. Nestled alongside Algebra (yay, Math!) and Manga and Scarlett Johansson are PS3 (i.e. PlayStation 3) and Counter-Strike. Here is the relevant part of the image, since I couldn't find the cover online anywhere.":

Needless to say, the New Yorker doesn't tend to have many article related to video games - though it did have an excellent feature-length piece on medicinal leeches a few back, and is actually much less pretentious and a better font of genuinely interesting journalism than you might think - though it does insist on spelling co-operate with an umlaut, and covers modern dance in more detail than Game Informer. Oh, and JVM also notes: "Further on in the magazine (p. 74) is a cartoon featuring a Game Boy Advance (not the SP)." Wow!