Over at Edge Online, they've got a smart article on Google and its gaming incursions, discussing how Google is wandering into gaming after its acquisition of 3D modelmaking firm Sketchup.

The article explains: "SketchUp is thoroughly integrated with Google Earth, meaning models can be uploaded and placed into the real world, letting you see how your dream house would look in situ, or create a parade of giant scissor people marching down Oxford Street."

What's more: "The possibilities for ‘mash-up’ games drawn in SketchUp and situated within Google Earth is self-evidently enormous. Automatically networked, instantly recognisable, full of resonance and quickly customisable, Google Earth forms an amazingly adaptive canvas. And it plays well with another growing branch of gaming – the kind of mixed-reality game made famous by the Halo 2 promo I Love Bees. Easily able to process GPS co-ordinates, there are substantial possibilities for games where the movements of real-world people are represented by the progress of SketchUp-created avatars across Google Earth’s surface." Is there nothing the Big G won't consider taking over?