We may or may not have an interview with the Colors creators up on Gamasutra soon, but in the meantime, our obsession with the game extends to GSW co-editor FrankC's semi-gonzo game semi-review over at his Lost Levels.

He explains: "Colors is a game that was made for the Gizmondo handheld device, a portable gaming system made by a company in Florida that installed floors into houses and offices. The Gizmondo was really awesome. It took five minutes to turn on, overheated all the time, and had no good games at all. It was sold exclusively by mailorder and in ten hidden mall kiosks throughout North America that required a potential customer to push a series of crates to reveal. It sold for something stupid like $400, and then the CEO of the company crashed his million dollar stolen Enzo, and then the entire company just kind of disappeared after two months."

What's more: "The Gizmondo's only killer app was Colors which, despite being a (mostly) finished game, never quite made it to the mall kiosks, because Gizmondo's distribution center forgot how to ship things. In this exclusive Lost Levels review, we take a look at Gizmondo's GTA-killer, and review it accordingly." The game is pretty... extreme, and the capsule review (with direct screenshots grabbed via a Windows-Gizmondo connection!) explains why, if it had been released, there would have been quite a lot of Thompson action, we're guessing.