Over at the San Jose Merc News, the Buddha himself, Dean Takahashi has posted a fun little profile of developer Giant Bite, which is especially beholden to us at GSW because one of the principals, Steve Theodore, is the art columnist for Game Developer mag.

The pitch? "Hamilton Chu had what many people might consider a dream job in the video game industry. He was producer on both Halo and Halo 2. Then he left to strike out on his own. Now he's one of the four founders of Seattle-based developer Giant Bite, and he wants to do something just as big there."

Unfortunately, there's just a little bit too much vagueness here: "In fact, for now, Giant Bite is going to remain small. It isn't talking about its game. They're thinking about the consoles and the PC. The company is working on its concept. It has finished some of its demo and made it to the Leipzig conference to show it to publishers. Once it gets funded, the company plans to ramp up hiring and production." We want to know more, of course.