Just because sister site Gamasutra runs so many darn articles recently that you might not have spotted this, we're pointing out an interview with Gastronaut Studios, creators of the upcoming Small Arms for Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

They discuss barriers to the original Xbox Live Arcade, for which they contributed Fuzzee Fever: "I think there were a lot of barriers to success with the original XBLA that more promotion couldn't have overcome. XBLA wasn't integrated into the Dashboard. Xbox Live accounts were pay only. And it was difficult to distribute the launcher disc. These problems were all fixed for the 360. The 360 also added a number of features that I didn't predict would help promote Arcade as much as they have: the Gamerscore/Achievements system and the more centralized nature of Dashboard. Of course, I really wish more people could have played Fuzzee Fever, especially the Live multiplayer."

Also notable is their approach to Achievements, which is progressive and laudable: "Xbox Live Arcade is different in this area. Our Xbox Live Arcade producer has spent a lot of time with us on designing and balancing achievements. I think that takes place with all of the Arcade games so that the achievements are really interesting. For example, I've always loved Geometry Wars' pacifism achievement, because it actually encourages you to play the game differently, at least for a short period." More pacifism in shooters, please!