We liked Russ Carroll's indie game site GameTunnel already, but now he's decided to launch a PDF magazine about indie games, also called GameTunnel, with his fellow editors.

It's explained happily: "This magazine sprang from the hard work of many people who volunteered their time to make it happen. We love games and enjoy playing all types of games. However, there is a special place in our hearts for the small Independent Game developer and the passion that they put into their games. Like punk music from back in the day independent games can sometimes be a little raw, but it's always a worthwhile experience."

To be honest, there's all kinds of good things in here, some of which is website crossover, and some of which isn't - an interview with the Gibbage creator, a review of Wild Earth, some smart editorials and columns, and so on. It's always a little odd to have PDF magazines available when the hard copies (printed on our substandard printers) won't look as nice as a webpage, but looks like GameTunnel does an admirable job of creating the content, at least.