to note that GameTunnel has its September 2006 Independent Games monthly round-up online, and yet again, it's a pretty darn smart one.

It's explained: "This month's article looks at twelve indie titles including Styrateg, a game that blends both Strategy and RPG, the retro-styled beat-em-up Beats of Rage II, and Gumboy Crazy Adventures, a game that reminds one of amazing Gish in both its quality and extremely unique gameplay."

Overall 'game of month' winner is the aforementioned Gumboy Crazy Adventures, though it does so on the basis of some seriously split marks - a 6, a 10, and a 'can't get working'! The generally reliable Russell Carroll raves, though: "Though somewhat similar to Gish (in the way that LocoRoco is similar to Gish) this game has a bounty of inventive innovation from its visually impressive and original theme to its 'keep you on your toes' and constantly changing gameplay (just remember to bring a joystick)."