Oop, time to go poke a bit at PC all-you-can-eat service GameTap again, since they've sent out some new info on their latest game titles - we covered the preliminary announcement a couple of weeks back, but now they've got specific.

Well, firstly, here's the really important news: "GameTap subscribers will get exclusive 15-day access to all "Sam & Max" episodes, beginning with the debut of the first episode on October 17th, 2006." Woo, only 6 weeks to new dog and rabbit action? [EDIT: Exit stage left, pursued by BEAR!] Count us in. The first episode involves "a group of former child stars [that] have become involved in nefarious deeds", and there's also new animated machinima "shorts" in production.

But elsewhere, he's the specifics for the themed weeks GameTap has been holding recently: "Space Combat Week: More than a dozen space invading games were released to commemorate the day we defeated the aliens. Among them were PC titles such as Battlecruiser Millennium, Descent II, Descent III, Descent: Freespace, Homeworld Cataclysm, Homeworld, O.R.B. (Off World Resource Base), Star Fury, Universal Combat Gold, as well as Star Ship and Star Voyager (New Star Voyager) for the Atari 2600 system."

What else? Well, Sports Week and Adventure Week are later this month, but we just had: "Ninja Week: The art of lurking in the shadows is finally given respect with this collection of games devoted to the art of stealth combat. Highlights include Ganryu, Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, Ragnagard, Sengoku, Sengoku , World Heroes and World Heroes Perfect." Yay for Ninja Commando, indeed. Now, as we've howled a zillion times before, get this onto Xbox 360! We'll pay $20 a month, easy.