A duo of random video-related links for a Sunday night, completely unrelated, but each rather interesting. Firstly, friend and Gamasutra colleague Jason Dobson has made a video guide to Atlus' Rule Of Rose, and it's... neeto.

He comments of it: "With Atlus' upcoming survival horror/action game Rule of Rose for the PlayStation 2 scheduled to ship next week, I figured a preview of this somewhat disturbing game would be in order. Atlus sent over the review build several weeks ago, and I can honestly say that while the game is not without its share of flaws, it is one of the most atmospheric games to come along in a good while. It's unapologetically psychotic, and is also a refreshing throw back to earlier days of PC adventure gaming." It's good to see footage with commentary like this.

Secondly, the fun Aeropause has a neat Tetris-referencing German car ad, of which it comments: "Is it just me or does it seem like there was way too much crap packed into that little car? It would probably take the average person an hour to pack a car like that." Never mind the bollocks, here's the TETRIS, man!