OK, last set of pics from Tokyo Game Show, since it finished about 2 days ago (hey, I'm going as fast as I can, here!) But before I do, I just wanted to point at my two recent Gamasutra write-ups on the Japanese game market, since I'm fast approaching the end of my time in Japan.

Just posted is 'Special: 8-4's Ricciardi On The State Of Japanese Gaming', in which I go through the Japanese game biz situation with smart guy and ex-EGM editor. Probably a notable section would be:

"Sony's big hope LocoRoco, which even had an associated hardware bundle, "didn't sell nearly as well as I think it should have" in Japan, Ricciardi notes - a sentiment many observers agree with. He continues: "That shows there's a problem with the PSP... [LocoRoco] is clearly an A caliber game, but because there's so much stuff that people aren't interested in, it got lost in a cloud of crummy games. I don't know how they're going to get around that."

Also posted yesterday, a chat with Microsoft's XBLA supremo Greg Canessa in which he "explained the future of the Xbox 360 digital download service, including the concept of an 'Imports' area on XBLA to highlight the best foreign-territory titles." As you guys may recall, I'm a little of an XBLA fanboy at times, so it was nice to quiz Greg on how the service could be improved, since we already know what it's doing right.

Oh, so those straggling pics, or at least the highlights:

As i note in the Flickr caption: 'The less appropriate the product for Japan, the less clothes on the models' - this is for Turbine's 'Dungeons & Dragons Online'.

Sakaguchi's 'Blue Dragon' itself, resplendent in sculpted form at the Microsoft TGS booth.

At the Tecmo merchandise booth, the models were, uh, modeling special hug pillows which I presume were Dead Or Alive-themed. I remember there being controversy about similar merchandise before - and it's still creeeepy.

To end up, where would we be without some genuine TGS Final Fantasy cosplayers? These guys are decent, too - and check out the reflected zombie photographer hordes in the window behind them. Over and out.