I'm guessing you guys may be pretty bored of random Japanese arcade pics by now, but - good news - it's the last of the snaps I took this week. This final set deals with the Half-Life 2 arcade machine (yay!), other oddness, and walking the dog, arcade machine stylee (which isn't weird at all, right?) So, let's go:

Valve and Taito's Half-Life 2: Survivor is pretty weird to see in Tokyo arcades, and the gameplay itself is much different and simplified - but it's still darn cool.

One of the many card-based arcade games super-popular in Tokyo right now (they have them for baseball, tactical battling, fantasy, etc) - you need to buy cards and place them on the arcade machine to select your in-game characters.

After God knows how many iterations, Konami's Beatmania is still going strong, alongside the other Bemani titles.

Networked arcade games are increasingly popular in Japanese arcades, and this multiplayer quiz title was getting a lot of play.

Yours truly modeling a slightly older, but still highly amusing Sega arcade game in which you, yes, go walk a dog, avoiding cyclists and pacing on a treadmill. Score.