Ah, a break before the final 'normal' Tokyo Game Show pics go up, since I managed to snap a couple of pictures of a special mini-chiptune concert at TGS, as part of the D4 Enterprise booth, and featuring, as is noted: "BEEP-BOY, DRM, hally and YMCK."

D4 (not to be confused with D3!) is an interesting company which deals mainly in digital distribution of retro Japanese gaming, particularly the MSX (though they also distribute Compile's RPGs and strategy titles for PC digitally, for example). Hally (who works there!) notes: "The first two performers play also as the demonstrators of 1-chip MSX, the brand new FPGA-based MSX compatible machine which will be released soon in Japan."

Here's what I managed to spot:

I believe this is BEEP-BOY, who sung and played (computer) keyboard like no tomorrow - he was followed by DRM, who played an awesome, awesomely loud 808 State cover version and then demonstrated the 1-chip MSX sound chip's capabilities.

The final live chiptune act was the uber-catchy YMCK, who are certainly the only chip-pop group to have a .S pixel sculpture made in their honor. And their music videos are uniformly awesome, too, esp. the 'Magical 8-Bit Tour' one.

[UPDATE: I uploaded about 20 seconds of video of DRM's performance as part of this TGS chiptune showcase to Google Video - sorry, this is all the video I got!]