Well, we already started checking out the vaguely eerie (scary Sonic! scarier Michael Jackson!), but pretty popular location that is Sega's Joypolis amusement park in Odaiba, Tokyo - so let's finish off a look at some of the other sights viewable around the arcade/park attraction. (I'll try to take some pics in some more 'normal' Japanese arcades later this week, though they sometimes have 'no photograph' rules.)

Wow - a recently released Sega driving school arcade game, apparently adapting a sim made specifically for driving schools by producer Yu Suzuki. I kid not.

A view over the balcony so you can see all of the 3 floors of the Joypolis entertainment center.

Not one, but _two_ typing action arcade games, including the infamous 'Typing Of The Dead', yay.

Attendants managing the queue for House Of The Dead 4 Special, explained on the Wikipedia page: 'The game makes use of two 100 inch screens, one in front of players and another behind, as well as a five-speaker sound system'.

My new favorite arcade machine - it's two player, features a plastic mallet, and the object is to see who can button mash the single button the most times within a time limit. Whoever loses has the mallet fall on their pinky, haw.

Sonic, waiting to be grabbed - but not inappropriately.

The little girl-centric dress-up Sega CCG arcade game Fashion Witches Love & Berry is so popular that it has a special 'dress up like Love & Berry in real life' area in Joypolis. Yikes!