So, we started off our Tokyo sojourn in vaguely fun style with a visit to Sega's Joypolis amusement park, located in the rejuvenated harborside district of Odaiba, which also has an insane mess of kitsch and cute shops, restaurants, and miscellaneous arcades.

Joypolis itself has a bunch of arcade games in it, but mainly consists of small-scale motion rides and other semi-theme-park-ish pursuits - including 'enhanced' versions of The Lost World and House Of The Dead 4 arcade machines with extra motion effects. Anyhow, we wandered around, and here's the first part of two photo galleries looking through the park.

The entrance to Joypolis itself - it's split over three levels opposite a major shopping center in Odaiba.

The scariest Sonic mastermind picture ever. He was kinda stalking us.

Sega's Mushiking beetle CCG trading arcade game is still pretty massive in Japan, especially with smaller kids.

Sonic helps you eat sweet, sweet chocolate cake.

Yay for mangled prose - 'Speed is his glory - it's what he dose best'.

More evidence of spooky interaction between Michael Jackson and Sega - he's been scrawling on their walls!.