The second of what will probably be three parts in alt.TGS photos. I've tried to stray away from the most obvious stuff (everyone is taking pictures of Devil May Cry 4, after all), but who knows, this selection may be just as predictable in a 'alternative stuff' way, right?

Oh well, please to enjoy anyhow:

All fans of harmonicas and Irem should take note - mech adventure Bumpy Trot 2 was in full effect at TGS 2006.

Over at the Hudson booth, alongside a life-sized Bomberman (not pictured, doh!), there was this van entirely covered in post-it notes with sketches of Bomberman made by fans - cute idea.

A little more Hudson booth action - not quite sure who these lovely onstage ladies are.

Oh, Yoot Saito! Seaman 2: Human had a preview theater within a black monolith-type object, with the typical 'fake history' video goodness on monitor screens.

Over at the Capcom merchandising stand, they had this rather gorgeous Okami plush.

D3 fans such as Jiji will probably be delighted by the appearance of a real-life Onechanbara at the company's TGS booth. Other people too, we're guessing?