Wow, TGS takes it out of you, and I'm sure you guys are inundated by reading all kinds of articles about the 7 zillion games exhibited on the TGS show floor. Well, I haven't even had time to catch up on other people's picks, but here's the stuff I got excited about at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show while wandering confusedly round the show floor:

You've seen it featured on GameSetWatch as a student project, but now Jenova Chen's Flow is coming to PlayStation 3 as a Sony-published game, judging by this pod at the Sony booth - congrats to him!

Not sure which I like best - the fact that there's a camouflage PSP, or the display case they put it in.

This is a fruit-covered lady demonstrating Super Monkey Ball for the Wii. Really, does it need any more explanation?

Of course, I ran into Brandon Sheffield and Tim Rogers with their tongues close to floor level while gazing delightedly upon D3's Earth Defense Forces 3 (formerly EDF X?) for Xbox 360. What chance a Western release?

After Gitaroo Man, more great rhythm games getting PSP conversions - this time, it's Parappa The Rapper, and I know it's just a straight conversion, but I'm so buying it.