go3.jpgWith the restructuring of E3 a few months back, there seems to be a lot of pressure to find the “next E3”. Fortunately, GO3 Electronic Expo 2007, run by Davlei Corporation, isn’t trying that for that label. The gaming expo, which will be held in Perth, Western Australia from the 30th of March to the 1st of April, is geared towards helping the Australian market. “With the serious down sizing of E3, it has opened the door to more localized events,” Event Manager David Kazim notes. “And with Australia being one of the leading markets in the world for game development and consumption we should be hosting an expo for the Australasian region”. Not that he’s suggesting the event will be on a small scale though: “There are only three events of this magnitude in the world Tokyo, Korea and of course E3,” Kazim says.

GameSetWatch contacted Kazim via email to ask about the event, and what it holds in store for the Australian games industry.

What does GO3 offer that eGames & Entertainment Expo in Melbourne and GAME1 in Sydney and Melbourne doesn't?

GO3 is a trade and consumer event with an international focus. Our aim is to provide a space for Australian developers & associated companies to network with key companies from overseas markets to develop new ideas and long term export opportunities. GO3 also includes an International Conference; we are bringing some big names here to Australia in order to foster development of our industry.

Why was Perth chosen for the event?

In order to develop an international skew to the GO3 expo we needed to pick a location that was accessible to everyone. Perth is the western gateway to Australia, readily accessible by all Australian and New Zealand based companies but also accessible to international business. Western Australia is within close proximity to many major Asian cities, making it the most easily accessed Australian capital from South East Asia (a major base for some of the worlds leading electronic hardware and software developers). But perhaps best of all, Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit and relax in for a few days after a busy conference and expo.

Do you think the event will become as vital to publishers, developers and media as something like Tokyo Games Show or Game Developers Conference?

The industry in Australia has grown enormously in recent times and we now have some of the most talented publishers and developers in the world right here in our backyard. Any major forum that promotes this talent and gives them a base on which to develop worldwide opportunities has to be vital to the future of our local industry.

Do you feel that there's room for an Australian show within the gaming calendar?

GO3 is attending & exhibiting at both the Tokyo & Korea show with assistance from the Australian Government to meet with overseas Publishers. We have already been talking with the shows organizers on ways we can collaborate in the future and with the downsizing of E3 a major opportunity exists for the south-east Asian region to own and control this aspect of the industry.

What events will be at the expo?

March 31st until 1st April- nonstop…
The expo will feature a dedicated LAN area, where more than 600 people will compete in non-stop gaming competitions. Spectators will be able to watch the action up close or on the big screens. The event will be run in conjunction with an International Professional Gaming League, coordinated by WA LAN.

Nullarbor Demoparty & Game Development
Nullarbor is a demoparty and game development competition combined. It is an event designed to bring together a community of Australian programmers, designers, artists and musicians to promote interactive technologies and a form of electronic art called demos.

Do you expect the event to highlight aspects of the Australian games industry that worldwide media might not be aware of?

We are working very hard to bring some of Australia’s leading industry experts to the event to broaden the knowledge base of our local industry but also update the international industry on how we are leading the charge in Australia. I am very confident in the list we are putting together and you will just need to keep an eye on our website for future announcements.

What guest speakers are currently in consideration for the expo?

Of course Nvidia, the presenters of the conference will be sending a big team, their VP of GPU sales Roy Taylor will be heading up a team. We are in final negotiations with many top speakers We won’t announce yet the special guest we will be flying in But it is very exciting to be bringing him to Australia…

Are there many publishers or developers who have confirmed their appearance at GO3?

We are in daily contact with the leading publishers and developers in Australia and abroad. I am thrilled to say that we have had a positive response from so many key people and they are putting together their plans to be in Perth in March 2007. We will soon be announcing a list of key sponsors, speakers and support partners who have committed to making this event the key international industry expo for Australasia.