You may recall a confused but corrected post about a book on Cory Arcangel's game art we posted a few days back - well, here's the newly released info on a new book and exhibition also featuring him.

Matteo Bittanti's Videoludica site now explains: "GameSpaces. The Landscapes of Videogames is a group show featuring works by some of the most celebrated artists working with digital games: Cory Arcangel, Mauro Ceolin, Jon Haddock, Eddo Stern, and Carlo Zanni. The exhibition will open on October 12, 2006 in Monza, near Milan."

It continues: "Included in the exhibition are a video installation by Cory Arcangel, "Super Mario Movie" (2004), a series of paintings by Mauro Ceolin from the "SolidLandscapes" (2004-) series, Carlo Zanni's interactive installation "Average Shoeveler" (2004), Eddo Stern's neo-medieval installation "Fort Paladin: America's Army" (2003) and the entire series of Jon Haddock's seminal "Screenshots" (1999). Most of these artworks have never been presented in Italy before."

What's more: "Johan & Levi is publishing the GameSpaces catalog which features new commentary texts by Rosanna Pavoni, Matteo Bittanti, and Domenico Quaranta." Neat - a little more mainstream acceptance for game art, eh?