Well, lookee what we've got here - news of a new issue for the ever-fun PDF-styled magazine (which also has a hardcopy available for ordering), The Gamer's Quarter.

Boss man and sometime GSW columnist ShaperMC explains: "The Gamer's Quarter is quarterly journal dedicated to printing personal, insightful and introspective videogame writing. We've just finished The Gamer's Quarter Issue #7 and it is now available for download."

What's more: "Within the 107 pages of Issue #7 you'll find 22 articles covering various Mario games, the Final Fantasy series, Dead Rising, the Japan-only Bit Generations series of GBA games, a series of Haiku about Dragon Warrior VII, and much, much more! You'll also find gobs of original artwork, including a unique look at the modern videogame store and an absolutely insane cover by Indianapolis artist Max Martin!" As always, this is well worth checking out