This is just plain odd, but hey, they sent it to us and we're going to print it - UK company GamePaused has released the 'Two Tasty Consoles' poster series, and is telling the entire Internet about it.

The explain: "GamePaused™ loves creative gaming and so naturally GamePaused™ loves the Wii. When we first heard of Nintendo’s new console we were filled with excitement over the possibilities it could offer gamers. What with the Nintendo DS already stretching the boundaries of games the news of the Wii got us rolling. We were inspired that Nintendo was looking at games the way we were, and so we had to pay homage–and so comes two posters from GamePaused™ available from"

But... how they they think of that? "As with every truly great idea it came spontaneously–during a regular lunch break–via text message ...And so we launch GamePaused™ product range in a somewhat creative fashion–just like a game." We're eagerly awaiting the Wii butter sculpture, now.