Wait, two Animal Crossing posts in a row? Anyone would think Tom Nook had been bribing us with oranges. Anyhow, Raina Lee (of 1UP-Zine fame) has a column on VH1 Game Break which talks about the auction market for Animal Crossing in-game items.

Lee explains how there's an in-game store in the DS version of the title, and then asks: "What about the items your store doesn’t have? What if you just can’t find the Robo dresser for the rest of your Robo décor? In real life, if you really want a something, you visit an auction site. So there’s Nookbay dot com, where you buy and sell items for bells. The rarer the item, the more the bells."

She then notes: "Just like I do on Bay, I browse the most expensive items first. A Metroid -- 2 million bells... A Carte Blanche to someone’s inventory -- 500,000 bells... A Royal Crown -- 9 million bells... A Complete Mario Set – 10 million bells.. And a Red Glitched Tulip... going for a whopping 30 million bells." I thought you couldn't move the tulips after they were placed? There had better not be Nookbay scammers around!