Robotron and Defender creator Eugene Jarvis always seems like a pretty happy, goodnatured guy, and RetroBlast! has spotted more evidence of this, in the form of a video interview conducted with Coin-Op.TV.

It's noted: "Legendary game designer Eugene Jarvis interviewed! Jarvis speaks on both his classic creations like Robotron, Defender and Smash TV as well as his new company Raw Thrills Inc. Catch insider tips and hints on some of his classic games!"

As for what Mr. Jarvis has been up to recently, don't forget this recent GSW post, noting new arcade games such as The Fast And The Furious: Super Bikes. Oh, and further proof of his influence - we saw Crank yesterday, and there was an awfully Robotron-like (?) boot-up effect in the 8-bit intro sequence, heh. (Though we could SWEAR there was some guy playing Berzerk in a limo halfway through, so maybe that was the reference they were going for.)