The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer blog is getting waaaay into bat country of late, and has managed to pick up another super-obscure Kenji Eno oddity, named Flupon World.

He starts, very reasonably: "Eno Kenji was (is?) the Geoff Minter of Japan. They both have a weird animal fetish. They both make freakishly addictive games. They both try and tie music and gaming. With varying degree’s of success I might add. And of cause – they are to the casual observer both three-parts to the wind. Separated only by 6,000 miles, a gene-pool and language (unless Geoff speaks Japanese of cause) – practically twins other than that."

And the actual game (which doesn't seem listed on WARP's Wikipedia page)? "The whole disc can fairly described thus: If anyone remembers the PD (Public Domain) disks you could get for the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga by ordering from the back of the official magazines or perhaps the efforts generated by the guy labouring away on Net Yaroze (PS1 home DEV kit) then that is what we have here. Flupon World is a collection of simple games. None of them really shine, in fact the high light for me was the “Warp Rap” song but you can while away a lazy afternoon with the contents." Weeeird.