Still don't spot MTV News game stories as quickly as I should (this time prompted by Stephen Totilo himself!), but there's a pretty fun article on EA interns up at right now, showcasing what Santa's little helpers do inside the Borg mothership.

It's set at EA's Redwood City offices, and notes: "Gwynne Olson-Wheeler, also 21, showed some of her intern work in a cubicle that wasn't hers — she was spending her final weeks of the summer working on a different floor, on EA's under-wraps "Simpsons" game. Meeting with her there would give away too many secrets. So instead she zapped some graphics work she did earlier in the season for "Sims 2 Pets" onto her iPod and plugged into a computer at a less-sensitive area."

But wait, there's a revelation that an obvious sequel is... obviously coming! "The room where she set up was darkened by dropped blinds, most of them dotted with spent ammunition from the floor's many Nerf gun battles. On the walls, signs addressed the staff of another under-wraps EA game: "Welcome 'Sims 3' team."" Any bets on Sims Infinity? There's also a weird DigiPen/Full Sail diss later in the article - time for some beef?