[Our Blazing Destiny is a weekly comic by Jonathan "Persona" Kim about our society, cultural postdialectic theory, and video games. And about fording rivers and not being able to carry enough food back to the wagon.]

"My classes have started! I'll try to get the comic back on schedule next week so bear with me!

My friend had a copy of The Oregon Trail on her computer and I played it again out of nostalgia. It surprised me how easy it was to get to Oregon now that I was older and was more capable of micromanaging small virtual travellers. Maybe it was harder back when it only in green and black on the Apple II?"

I suspect their last names were Donner.

[Jonathan "Persona" Kim is sometimes a character animation student at the California Institute of the Arts, other times a ninja illustrator, but in his heart, a true comic artist looking for his destiny in the sea of stars. His path on the torrid road of comics include a quarterly manga on The Gamer's Quarter and his website on the awesome collective Mecha Fetus. A new website design that's almost finished is coming soon! Also, the link to the Gamer's Quarter has finally been fixed!]