Leave it to VintageComputing's RedWolf to dig up one of those peripherals that we'd all tried to block out - the ColecoVision Super Action Controller, yikes.

RW notes: "And you thought video game controllers were over-complicated these days; this one requires five (slightly-pudgy child) hands just to use it properly. Take a look at this bad boy: four trigger buttons on the pistol-like grip (one per finger), twelve buttons in the overlay-friendly numeric keypad matrix on top, a one-dimensional “speed roller” wheel near the back, and an extremely flaccid red-knobbed joystick crowning it all."

He rants on: "Combine this with the futuristic look of a gaudy black space gauntlet that literally engulfs your hand, and you’ve got the ColecoVision Super Action Controller. This marvel of controlling technology came in sets of two with a “Super Action Game” included — in my case, “Super Action Baseball.” I’m lucky enough to have a pair essentially “new in box,” so I grabbed these scans off the box itself." We've all got a dozen!