Wandering around the Internet the other day, we checked out David Sirlin's website, principally because the Backbone Entertainment producer and EVO fighting game championship co-organizer put out his 'Playing To Win' book extract on Gamasutra this week.

But, poking around on his blog, we also found a v.informative post about Capcom Classics Collection 2, for which some great attention to detail is being lavished. We already kinda knew that "In addition to the original version of Quiz and Dragons, there is also a revised version (basically a 21st game) that has all-new trivia questions about Capcom history and games." Which rocks.

In addition, though: "The game also features almost 30 minutes of tutorial videos on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Special thanks to ST player NKI for his help performing moves and combos and in editing. The videos start by explaining and demonstrating the concept of controlling space, the central concept of Street Fighter. They go on to explain everything from how to perform a fireball to 2in1s, meaty attacks, reversals, and even advanced concepts like “button up” reversals, “piano” inputs, and safe jumps." This is extremely awesome - more of these great extras in retro re-releases, plz!