We obviously follow Killer 7 creator Suda51's games - we recently linked to an Edge interview with him, and the new September issue of Game Developer magazine also quizzes him on his gravedigging past (!)

In any case, Grasshopper Manufacture's new game, Blood+: One Night Kiss, was released last week in Japan, and NCSX has plenty of details, noting: "One Night Kiss is a full blown action game where the player has full control over Saya and at times, Aoyoma. ONK plays similarly to the earlier Blood+ in one respect however where sequence events require matching button presses to enact a kill or action. The new Blood+ is directed by Goichi Suda who transplants the stark and stunning art style of Killer 7 to the Blood franchise. Dark walls, deep shadows, and chiaroscuro throughout the world are the order of the day."

Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins also passes on some links from the game, noting: "Here’s the just launched homepage of Blood: One Night Kiss, that new Killer 7-looking game from its creators. And there’s a movie section that has a few commercials, as well as footage from a pair of boss encounters (at least, thus far)." Some initial impressions (relayed by Hawkins) have been potentially discouraging, but we'll see, huh?