You may recall our interview with insane game box art parodist Handré de Jager, a few months back, and now he pings us to tell us you can buy prints of his art over at SomethingAwful's Awful Mart.

Mr. de Jager notes: " There are two pics [from the original series] that are not yet available on Awful Mart... namely Bomberman and Mario", but - good news - there are two newer pieces of art that we didn't cover in our original posts, and they're both as supremely, wonderfully disturbing as usual.

These are Balloon Fight ("A war is being fought in the night sky. A man of incredible party-balloon-piloting skills must protect us from an army of wicked, masked men who are equally proficient in the air"), and Platform Hero, which is based on former GSW cartoonist and SomethingAwful mega-goon Shmorky's parody Flash cartoon series. Jesus Christ, that latter one is scary.