hspace= Now, we already covered the 'Airport Security' game done by Ian Bogost's Persuasive Games for, but it's worth noting that this is just part of a bigger program from parent company Atom, according to a press release they sent us.

It goes like this: "Atom Entertainment, Inc. said today it has opened the first "NewsGames” channel at the fast growing online games destination AddictingGames and said it will develop dozens of new titles each year and promote the best user-generated games that mock the most popular headlines and cultural topics of the day."

Interestingly, they want to grab most of the titles for free: "Most of the content at the NewsGames channel will be harvested from user submissions. Today, users can create games just about as quickly and easily as they can shoot, edit and publish video Atom Entertainment expects to see much of the content in the NewsGames channel to come from user submissions and online gamers." Apart from Persuasive's games, of course.

So what do you get here? "Other titles in the NewsGame channel have already proven to be huge hits. The Zidane Headbutt game was an international sensation, generating almost 4 million games plays in just a few weeks online. Cheney's Fury, a game that mocked our vice presidents errant shotgun blast and has seen 1.4 million game plays, also joins the cast of games available here. And Bush Backrub, a game that lampooned the President's awkward massaging of a European head of state and has seen more than 1 million game plays, is also at the new destination." Hurray!