We seem to be heading into an entirely retro set of posts here, but what they hey - former GSW columnist RyanS passes on a YouTube movie of an Atari 2600 OS, as posted (but not created!) by Paul Slocum.

Slocum notes: "demo video of awesome Atari 2600 homebrew made by Dragnerok X. I'm moving the cursor around, and the Pong game is playable." It's a pretty fun idea, and people are already pitching in with ideas to extend it, so we'll see where it gets to - more info in this AtariAge post.

Meanwhile, visiting the AtariAge forums brings up an entirely unrelated post on the Nolan Bushnell signature series Atari 7800 - wow. The explanation: " A few years ago, we were contracted to assist in the production of NEW Atari 7800 units. They were to be emblazoned with Nolan Bushnell's signature (Nolan Bushnell founded Atari back in the 70's, if you don't know who he is), a large Atari logo on the front of the case, and "Signature Series" over on the right. Unfortunately, this project never entered production, and very few of these 7800's were built."