hspace= The ever-interesting Ian Bogost has posted in detail about his new 'serious game', and notes in an email to us: "My studio Persuasive Games just released a new game, in a new series of newsgames, on It's a game about airport security."

It's what? "They say the front line of the War on Terror is the airport security line. See if you’ve got what it takes to keep airline travel safe in this hysterical game of airport security. Better not let that tube of toothpaste get through your checkpoint — it could be a terrorist’s weapon against freedom (or maybe it just fights gingivitis)!"

WCG commenter Julian already digs it, commenting: "I just got back from a trip through the UK and Ireland, and the game is an accurate description of the level of confusion in air travel that results from constantly changing security rules." Social criticism and satire through games can be a powerful, neat thing.