We've been asked by the folks at The PlayStation Museum to help solve a little mystery for them - which of course, we'll be able to do, right? It concerns the developer of the mysterious PlayStation 1 prototype 'Maniac Moons'.

The page explains: "Maniac Moons is a shooter game complete with 20 levels. The graphics are sharp and colorful. The animation is very smooth with very little draw-in. Your craft has access to various weapons including a bomb which when it explodes causes a jaw-dropping wave-ripple effect on the terrain. There are two different crafts to choose from. The game even features a playable two player dogfight. There is absolutely no programmer, developer, nor publisher information on the disc or in the code. The source of the prototype claims that it was obtained from an Acclaim bankruptcy auction."

If you know who made it, then contact the PlayStation Museum curator, of course. Also, elsewhere on the completely interesting but naturally borderline obsessive PSMuseum website, there are also lots of interesting videos of prototypes/unreleased titles on the website's YouTube page, including a video from the cancelled Titan AE for PlayStation 1 - hey, it's got colored lighting, at least!