There's a whole insane mass of news stories popped up at Insert Credit, partly thanks to our co-worker Brandon being too damn busy to approve stuff at his spare-time gig, but a highlight is Chaz's round-up of Comiket-related PC dojin games.

Some of that dojin stuff is rather smart, and Chaz has a nice overview related to the Tokyo event: "The doujin game scene is mostly fueled with shooting games, fighting games, and fiction such as visual novels and kinetic novels... The doujin market is getting more and more important in Japan and, as a logical consequence, a few circles went professional and a few games crossed the frontier between doujin and regular circulation."

He then busts out the link stick, and we shamelessly borrow it, thanks Chaz!: "Most of the important doujin games are of course released this weekend for Comiket 70, and I invite you to investigate on Tasogare Frontier's Higurashi DayBreak (based on the highly popular horror series Higurashi), Blood -Over-, Record of Rozen War Alibat, Hinokakera (version 2.01 released for C70, trial & video available), Acceleration of Suguri (sequel to the popular Suguri), AiMasu Champ! (more on that one here), the demo of Chantelise+ (by the makers of Gunners Heart) and a new patch for Subtle Style's jawdropping fighting game Akatsuki Denkou Senki." Liiiinks!