Matt at Press The Buttons has a little news story up pointing to Chris Kohler's 1UP article on Donkey Kong, which is rather excellent in itself.

But super duper duper excellent is PTB's pointer to a YouTube vid of early '80s show 'LiveWire', which features a concerned PTA member talking about the danger of arcade games putting your kids into massive debt (not sure the term 'Shylock' is actually allowed nowadays!), before, OH JOY, Buckner and Garcia pop up at about 5 minutes and 40 seconds into the clip, in order to rock out to 'Do The Donkey Kong'. Absolutely awesome.

Of course, there's another clip which starts with Buckner & Garcia (or is that Luke Smith on the mic? We reckon so!) rocking out to 'Pac-Man Fever'. Seriously, next time anyone has a corporate party with a sensible budget (which Sony would have, next E3, but OH WELL), hire Buckner & Garcia - we'll be all over it.