This is somewhat, though not spectacularly game-related, but all kinds of cool - Mark DeLoura points out what "looks like a full-color hologram on a roll-up translucent film" - here's the page, showcasing Final Fantasy: Advent Children animation on a sheet of film, with LOTS more animation frames than we're used to from this kind of optical effect.

There are even better examples in the same directory - a soccer player and a Terminator II cyborg head mounted on a board, and a little poking around reveals the XYZ Imaging website, advertising "the world’s first holographic printing bureau capable of creating production ready multi-resolution, full color, reflective holograms from pure digital media."

Interestingly, this is a company recently acquired by XYZ RGB, a firm that's used extensively by the video game and film industries for super-high-res scanning, so one wonders if there will ever be any gaming crossover - would it be possible to get a screen to reproduce these effects? In the meantime, you can order your own holographic poster based on your own image via the site - with prices up to $3300, and the rendering needing to be done yourself. Anyone gonna try it?