Over at his personal weblog, Cabel Sasser (who makes those darling Katamari Damacy T-shirts as part of his company Panic), has posted a fun call-to arms named 'The State of American Videogames' ("As illustrated by the last three covers of EGM").

He comments: "Are you like me? Do you yearn for American games to reach the diversity of other American mass media, like, for example, movies? Right now I can go to a movie theatre and see a quirky indie comedy about a dysfunctional family, or a ridiculous action epic about snakes (that happen to be on a plane), or a screwball comedy about NASCAR racers and baby Jesus, or a documentary about global warming, or a terrible animated film about farm animals, etc. etc... But if I step into Electronics Boutique, these days I can pretty much only buy "Two Guys With Guns"."

Ending up, Sasser muses: "The thing is, while it's really easy for me to sit here and implore all game developers to try new things (yay blogging!) — and, to be fair, many developers are, like Telltale Games, Keita Takahashi, the Xbox Live Arcade, etc. — I have to wonder: are there simply not enough gamers, non 15-year-old male gamers I guess, to financially support new and different gaming styles?" Well, aren't there? [Via Wonderland.]